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Van den Heuvel delivers mango production line to Gambia

Atradius news

4th July 2024

Van den Heuvel Dairy and Food Equipment (Van den Heuvel) specializes in supplying production lines for the dairy and food industry.

Atradius DSB strengthens anti-bribery policy

Atradius news

1st May 2024

Amsterdam - Atradius DSB tightens anti-bribery policy in collaboration with government after review.

New agreement CIRR financing

Atradius news

24th April 2024

AMSTERDAM/DEN HAAG - The Ministry of Finance and NWB Bank have signed a new agreement for offering CIRR financing through Atradius DSB.

ECA & Ukraine: Support for reconstruction

Atradius news

11th March 2024

Third aid package for Ukraine. Interview with Roderick van Schreven, Special Envoy for Ukraine, BHOS.

Huisman supplies cranes for Havfram's Norwegian ships

Atradius news

6th March 2024

Huisman is a Dutch company specializing in designing and building heavy construction equipment such as offshore cranes, pipeline and drilling systems.

Perspective on sustainability - Banco Santander

Atradius news

15th January 2024

We talked to Banco Santander, one of the largest banks in the world by market capitalization and in 2022 recognized as the world’s leading export finance bank in terms of deal volume.

Yilkins exports to India

Atradius news

15th November 2023

Yilkins is a renewable technology company focused on the valorization of biomass and organic residues into renewable energy and valuable industrial and chemical products.

Dutch export credit insurance available for Ukraine

Atradius news

6th October 2023

AMSTERDAM, October 6th 2023 - The Dutch government today has made export credit insurance available as part of a new package that aims to stimulate bilateral trade and reconstruction.

Growing across the border 2023

Atradius news

5th October 2023

Growing Across Borders - Sept. 27, 2023 - Looking back on a successful event full of insights.

IQIP accelerates greening

Atradius news

29th September 2023

Developments in the offshore wind sector are indispensable for the energy transition. And Dutch companies also play an important role in the future of this sector.

SIF provides the foundation for the energy transition

Atradius news

28th September 2023

The newspapers are full of discussions about the energy transition and there is a push for seats in The Hague and Europe around the climate portfolio.

What is happening in China

Atradius news

28th September 2023

Low growth, a real estate slump and grim trade figures are the most visible of China’s economic problems. They are symptomatic of China’s underlying and more fundamental issues.

Signs of hope for the global economy

Atradius news

23rd August 2023

We’ve upgraded our forecasts for GDP growth this year, though economic activity remains subdued through 2024

EU free trade negotiations with Australia and Mercosur

Atradius news

9th August 2023

For the EU, both deals would ease geo-economic challenges, diversify supply chains and help to meet its ambitious sustainability targets.

Graidco wants to continue to grow and goes to Gambia.

Atradius news

7th August 2023

Graidco stands for Global Relief Aid and Development Company and was founded in 2013.

Hatenboer-Water supplies water treatment plant

Atradius news

27th July 2023

Hatenboer-Water was founded back in 1906 and among other things, the company supplied drinking water to ships in Rotterdam harbour with 12 boats.

More financial support for climate projects

Atradius news

18th July 2023

The Arrangement on officially supported export credits has a special section for climate and water, called the Climate Change Sector Understanding (CCSU).

The revised Arrangement: what will change?

Atradius news

18th July 2023

After two years of negotiations, a revised Arrangement will enter into force on July 15th.

Dutch ECA fosters sustainability and SME support

Atradius news

26th June 2023

AMSTERDAM, June 27 2023 – As published in its Annual Review 2022, Atradius Dutch State Business (DSB) insured €4.8 billion worth of export credits on behalf of the Dutch government in 2022.

State communication on the Dutch ECA service

Atradius news

14th June 2023

AMSTERDAM - June 14, 2023 - Atradius DSB has been cooperating with the Dutch State providing public export credit insurance for more than ninety years.