Dutch export credit insurance available for Ukraine

Atradius news

AMSTERDAM, October 6th 2023 - The Dutch government today has made export credit insurance available as part of a new package that aims to stimulate bilateral trade and reconstruction.

Doing business with Ukraine and exporting to the country comes with risks, including financial ones. The knowledge and expertise of Dutch companies and exporters are needed to facilitate trade, reconstruction and investments. Therefore, the Dutch government has proposed to make €60 million available meant to insure €120 million of export transactions to Ukraine as part of the third aid package this year. Much is the same as normal. Transactions will of course be assessed for all the usual risks, safety first of course, but also financial risks, environmental and social risks and relevant compliance risks. The normal minimum domestic component rules will also apply. Applications are welcome from both SMEs and large companies for all common products, but it may be that given the limited availability of funds, a maximum per transaction will be applied. Such details are yet to be worked out, please report especially if you are interested, that in turn also helps us in working out the policy.

This scheme only applies to public export credit insurance on behalf of the Dutch State and is carried out by Atradius Dutch State Business.

For more information on the aid package, please see the press release on Rijksoverheid.nl here. 

Do you have questions about exporting to Ukraine and export credit insurance? Please contact Niek van der Beek, Deputy Head of SMEs & Business Development, Atradius Dutch State Business at info.dsb@atradius.com