Direct Guarantee and Financing

Do you offer your clients deferred payment terms by allowing them to pay you by means of bills of exchange or promissory notes?





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Direct Guarantee for Supplier Credit

A Direct Guarantee is a supplementary facility, available at no extra cost, in conjunction with a supplier credit insurance policy. It is an irrevocable guarantee which Atradius, on behalf of the Dutch State, will issue to the bank which discounts your bills or promissory notes. You will thus receive payment for your exported goods and services from your bank. If full payment for the bills of exchange or promissory notes has not been received by the end of the waiting period, Atradius will pay your bank the amount still owed. This means that you as an exporter do not run the risk of non-payment. Moreover, you can offer credit to your buyer abroad without having to finance this credit yourself.


A Direct Guarantee for a supplier credit is issued subject to the following conditions:

  • The Direct Guarantee normally covers 95%-98% of the nominal value of the bills of exchange/promissory notes; under certain conditions this can be increased to 100%.
  • As a rule the exporter must have completed the delivery of the capital goods and/or performed all the services as per the terms of the export contract.  Under certain conditions we may be able to issue a Direct Guarantee prior to delivery of the goods/services.
  • The bills of exchange or promissory notes must be payable in the Netherlands and have been approved by Atradius.
  • Your bank must be prepared to discount the promissory notes or bills of exchange without recourse to you for the covered percentage stated in the insurance policy.

Bills of exchange discounting by Atradius

If you receive bills of exchange or promissory notes from your client and your bank cannot give you an advance payment for that, we can do that up to €5 million  for a large number of countries. For this the same conditions apply as for a Direct Guarantee.

Buyer Credit Insurance Policy

If your bank has financed your export transaction by granting a loan directly to your buyer abroad, it can apply to us for independent credit insurance under our buyer credit insurance policy.


The Direct Guarantee is available as a supplement to your supplier credit insurance policy at no extra cost. Please click here to calculate the premium for your supplier credit insurance policy.

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