Our insurance policies and guarantee solutions will help you to achieve your export goals.

We offer a wide range of solutions to minimise the non-payment risk inherent in export transactions. A few are listed below but please contact us to find a solution tailored to your needs.

Insurance Policy for Exporters

Do you want to export your goods or services but be sure you will be paid? How can you obtain financing if your client asks you for credit? Continue reading to find out how our insurance can help you.

Insurance policy for exporters, Export Financing Bank Guarantees, Trade Finance Solutions by ADSB

Export insurance for contractors

Our insurance for construction work in countries outside the Netherlands is tailored to the practical needs of contractors and enterprises in the construction industry.

Export insurance for contractors outside the Netherlands

Green Cover

Green cover is for Dutch entrepreneurs who want to invest in new green technologies or production capacity for green capital goods or projects.

Atradius DSB Green Cover

Dutch Good Growth Fund

If your export transaction does not qualify for the facilities offered by our regular export credit insurance programme, it may be eligible for those available under the Dutch Good Growth Fund.


International finance with DTIF

Are you giving your foreign buyer a payment extension through bills of exchange or promissory notes? And is your (home) bank unable to provide financing? Then you may be able to turn to the DTIF.

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Buyer Credit Insurance Policy

Would you like to serve more clients abroad and have less capital tied up in export credits? Our Buyer Credit Insurance Policy will enable you to do so.

Export loan insurance policy from Atradius Dutch State Business

Foreign Exchange Risk Insurance

If the offer you submit to your buyer is in foreign currency, what will happen if that currency depreciates during the offer phase?

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Direct Guarantee and Financing

Do you offer your clients deferred payment terms by allowing them to pay you by means of bills of exchange or promissory notes?

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Export Credit Guarantee

When a bank finances capital good exports, it will need funding. It may use its own resources but will often obtain external funding.

Export Credit Bank Guarantee

Bond covers

Is your buyer abroad asking for bank guarantees in connection with the capital goods you are to deliver to him?

AtradiusDSB Bond Cover

Investment policy

Are you planning to establish or take over a company abroad? We offer an insurance policy that covers the various risks involved.

Управление на вземания | Атрадиус

Lease Policy

If you offer your clients abroad lease solutions for capital goods manufactured in the Netherlands, you may be eligible for a Lease Policy from Atradius Dutch State Business.

Machine voor lease

Working capital policy

Would you like to obtain working capital for your export finance transaction without burdening your regular lines of credit with your bank?

Working capital policy


CIRR-finance now also available for Dutch exporters.

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DRIVE stands for Development Related Infrastructure Investment Vehicle, which is a subsidy programme established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

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Project Finance

Would you like to take out cover for the credit risk you will be running on a special purpose company or a greenfield project? A project finance risk assessment could make this possible.

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