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Are you giving your foreign buyer a payment extension through bills of exchange or promissory notes? And is your (home) bank unable to provide financing? Then you may be able to turn to the DTIF.








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When you export capital goods, your (home) bank may not be able to provide financing. This may be, for example, when you work with bills of exchange or promissory notes where the transaction amount is too small. And self-financing from your own capital strains your working capital, and is therefore not an option for most companies either.

That is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started the Dutch Trade & Investment Fund. This fund provides financing (among other things) to companies that export. We offer this on all the countries to which we are open under our regular country policy, which do not fall under the DGGF scheme .
So if it is not possible to attract bank financing for your exports, there are opportunities to receive financing from us. Depending on the country, this is up to a maximum of EUR 5 million.

How does it work and how do I apply?

he Dutch Trade & Investment Fund covers the payment risk. Under certain conditions, the Fund can also provide financing of up to €5 million to your buyer. The conclusion of such a financing contract is on the basis of a supplier credit and goes together with export credit insurance. Here Atradius can discount bills of exchange after delivery of the goods locally.This allows you to offer your buyer longer payment terms so that they may pay over several years.You can find out exactly how this works in the 'advance payments' flyer below.

Atradius can also provide working capital. This is subject to some additional conditions in addition to our regular conditions. Upon acceptance you will receive the same insurance documentation as under our regular Export Credit Insurance. You are therefore insured by the Dutch State. The premium is calculated in the same way as under the regular Export Credit Insurance.

Watch the video of our client MOBA, who used DTIF.
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What are the conditions?

If your export transaction for capital goods does not fit under our regular Export Credit Insurance, you can still make use of Atradius' export credit insurance and export financing options. In this case, a number of additional conditions must be met, in addition to our regular conditions:

  • it concerns a transaction of capital goods or construction on a country that is NOT on the DGGF country list, but on which regular eci coverage is possible. 
  • The fund is primarily intended for Dutch SMEs, or for larger companies if they can demonstrate that the export has a positive effect on Dutch SMEs.
  • The fund is intended to be additional to the market. To test this additionality, we ask for a written rejection from your commercial financier (e.g. house bank) for the relevant discount. 

Other possibilities through DTIF

DTIF also offers opportunities for investments by Dutch SMEs, for example, when expanding your business with an establishment abroad. In such cases, support in the form of loans and guarantees with a repayment obligation is possible. But even if you want to import from abroad and you can't find the financing, DTIF offers possibilities to prefinance your local supplier. Both for investments and import transactions you can contact invest International.

Anti-bribery declaration and anti-bribery policy

In the Netherlands, all forms of bribery are prohibited and punishable by law. The Dutch State and Atradius DSB do not under any circumstances wish to become involved in transactions involving bribery. It is therefore important that we want to ensure as far as possible that eca-covered transactions are free of bribery. We will therefore ask you to sign an anti-bribery statement at the time we issue a policy to you. You can view a sample of such a statement under downloads.

Atradius DSB and the state have jointly drafted an anti-bribery policy. You can download the document below.

Exclusion list eci

In the Exclusion list export credit insurance (eci), available below, you can find which activities are excluded from insurance by Atradius DSB. As per January 1st 2023 there are new limitations in place for fossil fuel-related transactions resulting from the implementation of the COP26-declaration.

Do you have any questions or need advice?

You can contact an advisor at Atradius Dutch State Business via +31 (0)20 553 26 93 or

The DTIF is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.