Annual review

This review is published every year by Atradius Dutch State Business.

Atradius DSB is the official export credit insurer of the Netherlands. We operate on behalf of and for the Dutch state. This is an expression of the government's commitment to the support and promotion of the country's export sector. The Annual Review provides information on what we've done, achieved and the key developments of the past year.




Atradius DSB Annual report





This comprehensive publication provides an overview of our activities, performance and key developments for the year.

It highlights our focus on green initiatives and on growing the green portfolio. Broken down by sector, country and region, it covers key aspects such as premium income and the number of cases handled. It also highlights claims paid and their impact on our financial statements.

Atradius DSB's commitment to environmental, social and compliance responsibility is also highlighted in our annual review. It shows how our environmental and social consultants assess cases and claims. This ensures a thorough evaluation. The report also describes how Atradius DSB contributes to climate protection and sustainable development, emphasising the significant progress made in greening the ECA. It highlights our support for projects and initiatives that promote environmental sustainability.

To sum up, the Annual Review provides a comprehensive understanding of Atradius Dutch State Business, including our insurance solutions, annual achievements, commitment to ESG and compliance, global presence and contributions to tackling climate change. It serves as a valuable resource for gaining an insight into our business activities and the significant impact we have on the export industry in the Netherlands.

While our results are strong, supporting more SMEs and brisk growth in green transactions, there has also been a cause for concern. It started with the war in Ukraine, a fast-growing country where our clients enjoyed doing business. But it did not stop there: trade disruptions and sanctions soon followed, and the energy crisis became a global problem in the year's second half. I am often reminded of the Ukrainians and their enormous determination to defend their, and our, freedom. This strongly motivates us in our work. We hope with all our hearts that the war will end soon.

Bert Bruning - Director Atradius Dutch State Business
Bert Bruning
Directeur Atradius Dutch State Business




Below you can find and download our annual review documents up until 2016. In case you which to gain access to previous years please contact us via  + 31 20 553 2693 of



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