Buyer Credit Insurance Policy

Would you like to serve more clients abroad and have less capital tied up in export credits? Our Buyer Credit Insurance Policy will enable you to do so.






Buyer Credit Insurance Policy, your insurance policy against non-payment in export





Risks Covered

A Buyer Credit Insurance Policy covers the risk of non-payment of the principal, interest and late payment interest due on export loans granted by banks. In certain cases the policy may also cover interest rate swap breakage costs. Claims for damages will be honoured if a borrower defaults on a payment as a direct result of political or commercial issues (whether these arose prior to or after the exporter’s delivery of the goods/services).

Claims payments will be made after the claim waiting period. This is usually three months.

Assessment Process

The assessment process depends on which of the three types of transactions listed below is to be insured:

  1. For regular transactions, where the borrower is a government or an existing enterprise, the assessment process takes on average four to six weeks. You are to provide us the required information, including financial information, on the borrower. Should this take extra time, the assessment process will take longer.
  2. For project finance, where the borrower is a special purpose company and can provide only limited or no guarantees from existing parties, please refer to our Project Finance section for further information.
  3. For asset based finance, where the value of the asset to be financed serves as security for the loan, please refer to our Asset Based Finance section for further information.

Maximum Loan Amount

The maximum amount that can be made available under an insured export loan depends on several factors, including:

  1. the creditworthiness of the borrower for the duration of the loan
  2. the maximum amount of the contract value which may be financed. In accordance with OECD rules, this is usually no more than 85% (80% for ships)
  3. current capacity under our limit for the relevant country
  4. the financial position of the exporter involved

Please contact us for a more precise indication of the maximum loan amount allowable for your particular export transaction.

Deductible/ Insured’s Own Risk

The maximum cover for regular transactions is typically 90% - 98% of the insured loan. This means that as a bank you will bear 2% - 10% of the risk. It is therefore in your interest that the loan be repaid efficiently. The maximum percentage of cover for project finance and asset based finance transactions is usually lower.

Duration of the Loan and Repayment Schedules

The OECD has established rules determining the maximum amount, duration and repayment schedules for loans insured by public sector export credit insurers such as Atradius Dutch State Business. In addition to general rules, there are also specific rules for certain sectors (such as shipbuilding and sustainable energy) and for project finance. Please contact us for further information on the repayment terms applicable to your particular transaction.

Loans in Foreign Currency

We can also insure loans denominated in a currency other than the euro. For stable, hard currencies (such as the US dollar, British pound or Japanese yen) the insurance premium and any claims for damages are payable in the currency concerned. In many cases we can also insure loans denominated in other currencies. For these loans, the counter value of the insurance premium and any indemnity will be calculated and payable in euros. When we insure loans denominated in a foreign currency we will pay any indemnity at the relevant exchange rate up to a maximum rate. The cap rate is usually very high and therefore most of your exchange rate risk will be covered.


If financing is to be granted after the export transaction has been completed, this is known as refinancing. We can also cover refinancing under our Buyer Credit Insurance Policy, subject to certain conditions .

Foreign Banks

Our buyer credit insurance policy is available for Dutch and foreign banks. Banks established in non-OECD countries may be eligible for buyer credit insurance after their reputation has been checked.


Atradius does not take documentation risk. This means that we do not examine the loan and security documentation when underwriting a transaction. You will be asked to provide key details of the loan on the application form. In our insurance policy we will stipulate any conditions  which we require you to include in the loan documentation. In the case of project finance, although we will be closely involved in the term sheet negotiations, the bank will still be responsible for all documentation.

What are the costs?

The premium amount is set at the beginning of the transaction. Depending on the contract value, export country and client rating.


Anti-bribery declaration and anti-bribery policy

In the Netherlands, all forms of bribery are prohibited and punishable by law. The Dutch State and Atradius DSB do not under any circumstances wish to become involved in transactions involving bribery. It is therefore important that we want to ensure as far as possible that eca-covered transactions are free of bribery. We will therefore ask you to sign an anti-bribery statement at the time we issue a policy to you. You can view a sample of such a statement under downloads.

Atradius DSB and the state have jointly drafted an anti-bribery policy. You can download the document below.

Exclusion list eci

In the Exclusion list export credit insurance (eci), available below, you can find which activities are excluded from insurance by Atradius DSB. As per January 1st 2023 there are new limitations in place for fossil fuel-related transactions resulting from the implementation of the COP26-declaration.

Questions or advise?

Please contact an Atradius Dutch State Business advisor via  020 553 26 93 or

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