Green cover is for Dutch companies that want to invest in new green technologies or production capacity for green capital goods or projects. The cover is meant for companies leading the energy transition through innovation while expanding their international reach through export. Many green technologies are still in the developing phase or have a long way to go before achieving commercial maturity. Financiers tend to interpret these stages as high risk, which makes it difficult to get a green investment financed.

Our Green Cover solution helps companies acquire the finance they need for their respective investments to develop or scale up sustainable projects or green capital goods. 

Green Cover Investment Loan

This product enables you as a company to take out a bank loan covered by Atradius DSB to facilitate investments in making one or more capital goods greener or to expand your manufacturing capacity for green products. Atradius DSB can provide export credit insurance for this capital good, but it is not compulsory. In other words, the two insurance products are unrelated but can be complementary and customized to your specific needs. This insurance product is unique for Atradius DSB because it is not tied to an export transaction between a Dutch company and a foreign party. It provides cover for a loan intended for investment by the Dutch company itself.


To get a green investment proposal assessed by our underwriters, we require certain documentation such as a well-developed business plan. The business plan must include a description of the development goal, the steps (milestones) to be completed, the technical feasibility, the market potential in the home country and abroad, as well as a cash flow forecast followed by a payback schedule. In addition to the business plan, we also require two application forms found at the end of this page. One is for the bank providing the loan and the other is a questionnaire for the company regarding the green business plan.  

After finalizing the steps mentioned above, our underwriters will carefully assess the business plan and the risks involved in the green investment proposal and make their decision accordingly. It is important to mention that external support may be required to assess certain parts of the application. This is especially if, for instance, your company operates in a sector or market that Atradius DSB is unfamiliar with, and in which we lack the internal resources or knowledge to assess the risk involved accurately. The Dutch State, as an insurer, will be looking to participate with your bank in collateral established for this investment loan. If necessary, additional collateral may be required, such as stock. If Atradius DSB assesses the investment risk positively, we can ensure the financier of your investment with our domestic financing insurance.


Once granted, you can withdraw the loan amount in multiple parts, based on the milestones structure outlined in the business plan. The repayment period starts once the product development or project is completed and depends on the business plan’s payback forecast. The lender of the investment loan is the insured. The lender is usually a bank, but in some instances, another financier acceptable to Atradius DSB can also be considered. As the (future) exporter, your company is the borrower under the Green Cover Investment Loan. Through Atradius DSB, the Dutch State covers the risk of payment default if the borrower fails to fulfil the repayment duties of all or part of the financing to the insured party.

To provide this facility to companies, we charge a policy premium. The premium may be passed on to the company by the bank or financier, but may also be paid from the loan. Note that insurance tax is not applicable to the Green Cover product.


The conditions attached to this credit solution are:

  • available for Dutch companies only;
  • at least 20% of the investment loan is spent in the Netherlands. If this cannot be achieved, we will be happy to investigate whether an exception can be made;
  • the capital good or project for which the investment is intended must comply with the Atradius DSB Green Label; download the green label here;
  • it is forecasted that a part of these 'green' capital goods or services generated by the investment will be exported (>20%);
  • the insurance must comply with EU state aid rules. This means that:
  1. the maximum covered percentage is 80;
  2. the premium we charge is in line with the market;  
  3. the terms and repayment conditions of the loan are in line with the market;
  4. the borrower (potential exporter) is in a financially healthy position at the moment of application and in the foreseeable future.



If you have any further questions regarding this product and its advantages, please feel free to contact our business development team for customized advice on this product's suitability for your company. You can reach us on the following phone number: +31 (0)20 553 2693, or email:

Note that even if your investment or project does not meet the conditions described above, our experts will evaluate it to see whether any of our other products might apply to your case.

Download here the application forms:

Application form Financing Investment Loan

Questionnaire Investment Loan

Policy Conditions [Dutch]

Atradius DSB - Green Label