Insurance Policy for Exporters

Do you want to export your goods or services but be sure you will be paid? How can you obtain financing if your client asks you for credit? Continue reading to find out how our insurance can help you.


Insurance Policy for Exporters from Atradius the guarantee your exported goods or services will be paid



For Large and Small Export Transactions

The insurance policy for exporters is always for a particular transaction. You are therefore not required to insure your total turnover. The insurance policy is suitable for small capital goods and services transactions (from approximately € 200,000) as well as for very large ones (in principal there is no maximum amount). It is advisable to contact us as early as possible so that during negotiations you will know if and if so, how we will able to support your transaction.

Risks Covered

The choice is yours: you may take out insurance for credit risk only or for manufacturing risk as well.

Credit risk is the risk that your contract price and any interest will not be paid into your bank account on time or in full. This can be due to circumstances in your client’s country, such as war, natural disasters or government financial problems. Non-payment can also be due to commercial reasons (your client may be experiencing financial difficulties).

Manufacturing risk is the risk that your client will not reimburse you for the costs you have incurred if you are not able to deliver your goods or services for reasons beyond your control.

Deductible/Insured’s Own Risk

The percentage of cover for insured losses is 90%-98%. You will therefore bear the risk for 2%-10% of the insured amount of the contract. It is thus in your own interest that the transaction be completed efficiently. You may transfer your deductible to a third party such as your bank or a supplier. If you wish to do so, you must however first obtain our approval.

Are you looking for financing solution?

A client will sometimes ask you to finance his purchase. Usually you will not want to provide financing out of your own pocket. If you offer your client supplier credit by allowing him to pay you by means of trade bills of exchange (a type of payment promise), you can sell these bills of exchange to your bank once you have delivered your goods or services. You will thus receive payment upon delivery whereas your client will have been granted credit. For further information please refer to the section on the Direct Guarantee below.

Alternatively, your bank may grant a loan directly to your client abroad. In that case we can issue an insurance policy to your bank. For further information please refer to the section on the Buyer Credit Insurance Policy below.

Does your client want you to provide bonds?

A client may sometimes require guarantees such as an advance payment bond. We are also able to insure such bonds, which will free up capacity under your credit facilities with your bank. For further information please refer to the section on Bond Cover below.

What if things go wrong…

If your client fails to pay, you can submit a claim for indemnity upon expiry of the waiting period. For transactions with most countries, this is three months from a payment due date.  During the waiting period we will require you to use your best efforts to obtain payment from your client. It is important to inform us as soon as possible of any payment delay. If desirable , we can then decide together on the best course of action.


If upon expiry of the waiting period you have a right to indemnity, we, on behalf of the Dutch State, will pay you the covered percentage of the outstanding amount. This also applies to manufacturing or completion losses, in which case indemnification will be based on the costs incurred as per your preliminary cost estimate. Indemnity is usually paid in euros. When we indemnify you for a loss, we will acquire your receivables and any related security for the transaction concerned. We will attempt to recover the outstanding amount. If we are successful we will reimburse you for your portion of the risk.

What are the cost?

The premium amount is set at the beginning of the transaction. Depending on the contract value, export country and client rating.



Anti-bribery declaration and anti-bribery policy

In the Netherlands, all forms of bribery are prohibited and punishable by law. The Dutch State and Atradius DSB do not under any circumstances wish to become involved in transactions involving bribery. It is therefore important that we want to ensure as far as possible that eca-covered transactions are free of bribery. We will therefore ask you to sign an anti-bribery statement at the time we issue a policy to you. You can view a sample of such a statement under downloads.

Atradius DSB and the state have jointly drafted an anti-bribery policy. You can download the document below.

Exclusion list eci

In the Exclusion list export credit insurance (eci), available below, you can find which activities are excluded from insurance by Atradius DSB. As per January 1st 2023 there are new limitations in place for fossil fuel-related transactions resulting from the implementation of the COP26-declaration.

Questions or advice?

In case you wish to discuss your particular case with one of our experts and get customized advice on how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact an Atradius Dutch State Business advisor via +31 (0) 020 553 26 93 or send us an email


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