Feedback and Complaints

We aim to provide high quality service to all our stakeholders

How we deal with your feedback

The management of Atradius DSB will do everything to be of service to you quickly, efficiently, professionally and in an appropriate manner.

We would like to know what is going on amongst our customers, what they think of our service, whether positive or otherwise, simply because your opinion matters to us.

If you like to bring anything to our attention please do not hesitate to do so. Your comments will receive our full attention. Since your opinion is of great importance to us and we appreciate your trust in our company. 

For your feedback you can contact our account managers. This can be done by telephone, e-mail or by mail. You can also contact our Communication department. For more details about how to send feedback or file a complaint, we refer you to the guidelines under related documents.

Phone: +31 (0) 20 553 2693


Mail: Atradius Dutch State Business N.V.
Postbus 8982
1006 JD Amsterdam

How we deal with your complaints

Nobody is perfect

We aim to be as transparent as possible and to ensure accountability for our activities and our dealings with stakeholders. We aim to provide high quality service to all our stakeholders, such  as those who make use of our products and services: the Dutch exporters and financing institutions. However, we realise that ‘nobody is perfect’ and that you might have a complaint about us, our products or services, or the projects that we support.

Indeed, ADSB welcomes any complaints you may have, not only because we hope to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, but also, through investigation and analysis, we aim to establish whether complaints relate to incidental mistakes or errors on our part or to more systemic issues. This of course then helps us to optimise our products, procedures and services and, insofar as we can exert an influence, to contribute to preventing or addressing social or environmental issues in the projects that we support. 

How to  file a complaint

Complaints must be submitted in writing by e-mail or post. You may submit the complaint in English or Dutch via:

  • e-mail:
  • mail: Attn. Complaints Manager, Atradius Dutch State Business, P.O Box 8982, 1006JD Amsterdam The Netherlands

Please include the following information when you are submitting a complaint

  • Your name and contact information, including country of residence. If you opt to remain anonymous, please be aware that we may not be able to verify information and we cannot enter into a process of dialogue.
  • Whether you wish your identity and/or the information provided to be kept confidential.
  • If relevant, the identity, contact information and proof of the representative’s authority to represent you.
  • The nature and location of the project in question and its name (if known).
  • Details of the perceived harm, impact or risk in as much detail as possible and how you are or could be affected. If you have any documents deemed relevant or evidence about the harm or impact, please attach these to your complaint.
  • A description of the steps that have already been taken to address the perceived harm, impact or risk or to resolve the situation.
  • If relevant, an indication of which of its policies ADSB has allegedly breached.
  • What you hope to achieve with your complaint: i.e. the resolution or remedy you are seeking.
  • If applicable, any other actions and consultations with relevant responsible parties to address or solve the complaint that have already taken place.

What happens after a complaint is filed?

The following steps are taken  after you receive our confirmation of receipt of the complaint:

  • Acknowledgement: we will send you confirmation of receipt of the complaint within two working days
  • Screening of the complaint: within 10 working days we will screen and evaluate the complaint to determine how it should be handled.
  • Assessment of the complaint: within 30 working days we will assess if and how the complaint may be resolved. During this assessment the complainant will be consulted.
  • Resolution (if possible), depending on the outcome of the assessment.

The complete guidelines for submitting a complaint can be found under downloads.


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