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Atradius DSB is the official Export Credit Agency for The Netherlands

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How can we help you?

Atradius DSB has several tailored products to meet your company's export and financing needs. If you would like to learn more about the benefits our products and services can bring to your business on the road to realising your export ambitions, please feel free to contact us via the link below.  Our experts are ready to answer all your questions and work with you to find the product or combination of products that will help your company grow and expand its export business.

Green cover from Atradius DSB increases growth opportunities for Dutch exporters

Sustainability is high on the global agenda, and going green is essential for our future. That's why Atradius Dutch State Business is prepared to go the extra mile to support green export transactions, and has created a new product to support customers achieve the green export goals faster and with more surety

Visit the Green Cover product page

Our Credit Management Services

Insurance Policy for Exporters

Do you want to export your goods or services but be sure you will be paid? How can you obtain financing if your client asks you for credit? Continue reading to find out how our insurance can help you.

Dutch Good Growth Fund

If your export transaction does not qualify for the facilities offered by our regular export credit insurance programme, it may be eligible for those available under the Dutch Good Growth Fund.

Export insurance for contractors

Our insurance for construction work in countries outside the Netherlands is tailored to the practical needs of contractors and enterprises in the construction industry.

Foreign Exchange Risk Insurance

If the offer you submit to your buyer is in foreign currency, what will happen if that currency depreciates during the offer phase?

How can we help you?

What does Atradius Dutch State Business do for you?

Atradius Dutch State Business offers exporters of capital goods, internationally operating contractors, banks and investors a wide range of insurance and guarantees for risks associated with doing business abroad. We provide these coverages on behalf of the Dutch State.

Watch our video for an explanation of export credit insurance.

How do Atradius Dutch State Business solutions protect your company against liquidity problems?

Atradius DSB can help you to meet your financing needs. For instance by covering your working capital. That means that the Dutch State guarantees repayment to your bank. Atradius DSB can also support you by offering counter guarantees.

Watch our video for more information about liquidity products.

How we work with you

Find out on what to expect when you get in touch with Atradius Dutch State Business

Business Developer

Margriet Van Dongen

Margriet Van Dongen
Business Developer

Export credit insurance? Isn't that exclusively for those very large projects’?

This remark I get often when meeting an exporter for the first time. Fortunately, it is not. When it comes to capital goods or large construction works, we can already help you when your contract has a value of EUR 100.000 and up.

In practice, I meet many SME companies with questions on export transactions to exotic countries, but also on transactions closer to home. If your buyer asks for long-payment terms or if your buyer asks a bank guarantee that will block the liquidity required for the execution of the export transaction, there are solutions. Atradius Dutch State Business has various products that provide security of payment, help financing the transaction or help raise working capital needed for the export transaction.

I am happy to help you find your way within the solutions that the Dutch State has for export transactions of capital goods or construction works.

Looking forward to your call!

Account manager


Robert Harsanyi
Senior Account Manager

Is it possible to export capital goods without running non-payment risk?

As an account manager/underwriter I will be working with you and your bank to determine the best financing option for your export transaction. I will be your first point of contact for all your questions about export credit insurance relating to any financing you wish to offer your client abroad. You can also contact me for information and advice about obtaining working capital finance from your bank for your export transactions or having your bank issue guarantees to your clients abroad.

I will handle your application and think creatively with you to determine the best solution for your specific transaction. For me, dealing with risks, even exceptional risks, is a challenge rather than a problem.

I’m looking forward to working together with you to make export transactions happen!

Project Finance manager

Alexander Otten, Atradius DSB Project Finance

Alexander Otten
Senior Project Finance Manager

As Senior Project Finance Manager I’m familiar with complex structures. I’m used to working together with clients to come up with creative solutions for financing projects.

You can contact me to discuss any projects for which financing, instead of being guaranteed by a government or existing company, is to be repaid from the cash flows the project is expected to generate.

Together with you, I (in many cases with a team of advisors) will conduct the project due diligence investigation, identify all the project risks and determine how to mitigate these where possible. We will thus devise a structure for a financially viable project which we, on behalf of the Dutch state, will be able to insure.

I’m looking forward to working together with you to ensure that your project will be appropriately financed!

If you would like more information on Project Finance, please click here.

Claims and Recoveries Manager

George Aardenburg

George Aardenburg
Senior Claims & Recoveries Manager

Should things go wrong, I’ll be there to help you. As Claims and Recoveries Manager, I have gained extensive experience in preventing losses. We believe “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

If losses cannot be avoided, my colleagues and I will handle your claim for indemnification. After we have indemnified you for your loss, we will decide, in consultation with you, which measures to take to collect the amounts still owed by the debtor. We could, for example, restructure the debt or hire a debt collector. We have a widespread network of debt collectors abroad. Although it can sometimes take a long time, we are often able to recover part or all of the amounts owed. Any amounts we recover will be shared with you in accordance with your deductible (i.e. the uninsured portion of the loss); it is therefore in your interest to help settle a transaction as favourably as possible.

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Energy crisis supports green transition

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23rd February 2023

Wind turbine in the sky | Atradius

Energy markets were shaken by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Perhaps paradoxically, this is also acting as a catalyst to accelerate underlying trends in the energy mix towards clean energy.


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