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Van den Heuvel delivers mango production line to Gambia

Atradius news

4th July 2024

Van den Heuvel Dairy and Food Equipment (Van den Heuvel) specializes in supplying production lines for the dairy and food industry.

Atradius DSB strengthens anti-bribery policy

Atradius news

1st May 2024

Amsterdam - Atradius DSB tightens anti-bribery policy in collaboration with government after review.

New agreement CIRR financing

Atradius news

24th April 2024

AMSTERDAM/DEN HAAG - The Ministry of Finance and NWB Bank have signed a new agreement for offering CIRR financing through Atradius DSB.

ECA & Ukraine: Support for reconstruction

Atradius news

11th March 2024

Third aid package for Ukraine. Interview with Roderick van Schreven, Special Envoy for Ukraine, BHOS.

Huisman supplies cranes for Havfram's Norwegian ships

Atradius news

6th March 2024

Huisman is a Dutch company specializing in designing and building heavy construction equipment such as offshore cranes, pipeline and drilling systems.

Perspective on sustainability - Banco Santander

Atradius news

15th January 2024

We talked to Banco Santander, one of the largest banks in the world by market capitalization and in 2022 recognized as the world’s leading export finance bank in terms of deal volume.

Yilkins exports to India

Atradius news

15th November 2023

Yilkins is a renewable technology company focused on the valorization of biomass and organic residues into renewable energy and valuable industrial and chemical products.

Dutch export credit insurance available for Ukraine

Atradius news

6th October 2023

AMSTERDAM, October 6th 2023 - The Dutch government today has made export credit insurance available as part of a new package that aims to stimulate bilateral trade and reconstruction.

Growing across the border 2023

Atradius news

5th October 2023

Growing Across Borders - Sept. 27, 2023 - Looking back on a successful event full of insights.

IQIP accelerates greening

Atradius news

29th September 2023

Developments in the offshore wind sector are indispensable for the energy transition. And Dutch companies also play an important role in the future of this sector.

SIF provides the foundation for the energy transition

Atradius news

28th September 2023

The newspapers are full of discussions about the energy transition and there is a push for seats in The Hague and Europe around the climate portfolio.

What is happening in China

Atradius news

28th September 2023

Low growth, a real estate slump and grim trade figures are the most visible of China’s economic problems. They are symptomatic of China’s underlying and more fundamental issues.

Signs of hope for the global economy

Atradius news

23rd August 2023

We’ve upgraded our forecasts for GDP growth this year, though economic activity remains subdued through 2024

EU free trade negotiations with Australia and Mercosur

Atradius news

9th August 2023

For the EU, both deals would ease geo-economic challenges, diversify supply chains and help to meet its ambitious sustainability targets.

Graidco wants to continue to grow and goes to Gambia.

Atradius news

7th August 2023

Graidco stands for Global Relief Aid and Development Company and was founded in 2013.

Hatenboer-Water supplies water treatment plant

Atradius news

27th July 2023

Hatenboer-Water was founded back in 1906 and among other things, the company supplied drinking water to ships in Rotterdam harbour with 12 boats.

More financial support for climate projects

Atradius news

18th July 2023

The Arrangement on officially supported export credits has a special section for climate and water, called the Climate Change Sector Understanding (CCSU).

The revised Arrangement: what will change?

Atradius news

18th July 2023

After two years of negotiations, a revised Arrangement will enter into force on July 15th.

Dutch ECA fosters sustainability and SME support

Atradius news

26th June 2023

AMSTERDAM, June 27 2023 – As published in its Annual Review 2022, Atradius Dutch State Business (DSB) insured €4.8 billion worth of export credits on behalf of the Dutch government in 2022.

State communication on the Dutch ECA service

Atradius news

14th June 2023

AMSTERDAM - June 14, 2023 - Atradius DSB has been cooperating with the Dutch State providing public export credit insurance for more than ninety years.

Cruden supplies simulator to BMW

Atradius news

12th June 2023

Cruden was founded in 2005 by 3 people, including Maarten van Donselaar, the current CEO.

Philippine beer brewer builds modern airport.

Atradius news

12th June 2023

In 2022 Atradius DSB issued insurance policies for a number of banks and Boskalis for the largest transaction ever covered by export credit insurance in the Netherlands.

Bollegraaf and their vision of sustainability

Atradius news

5th June 2023

Periodically we ask our customers about their views on sustainability. This time we interviewed Xander Ferdinandusse, CFO at Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, to talk about the company's vision.

Modernized and more sustainable export credits

Atradius news

6th April 2023

The Participants to the Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits have reached a historic agreement to make major changes to the rules for export credits.

Colubris: cabbage residues as a basis for nutrients

Atradius news

9th March 2023

Colubris Cleantech is a Dutch family business, founded in 1984 as Redes Machinebouw & Constructie.

Eltomation uses guarantees for exports to Latvia

Atradius news

9th March 2023

Eltomation is based in Barneveld and has over 20 employees.

Does the energy crisis have a silver lining?

Atradius news

2nd March 2023

Soaring energy prices have put energy security front and centre of government agendas – resulting in large policy initiatives aimed at accelerating the clean energy transition.

Aquatic drones in Moroccan port

Atradius news

2nd February 2023

Aquatic Drones is a young company, founded in 2016 by Maarten Ruyssenaers, with the aim of developing autonomous measurement vessels that are safe, clean and more cost-efficient.

COP26-declaration: exclusions from January first

Atradius news

31st December 2022

AMSTERDAM/THE HAGUE - As of January 1, 2023, the previously announced proposed policy on the fossil value chain for export credit insurance will take effect, without any changes.

Dijkstaal helps build bridges in Guinea

Atradius news

30th November 2022

It has now been more than 7 years since Joris van Dijk, director of the family business Dijkstaal, made the first contacts in Guinea for the development of the project with bridges.

Value Maritime helps ships becoming more sustainable

Atradius news

24th November 2022

Value Maritime was founded in 2017 by Maarten Lodewijks and Christiaan Nijst. Lodewijks:

Spark and its vision on sustainability

Atradius news

4th November 2022

We often ask our customers for their vision on the topic of sustainability. This time we spoke with Marcel van Heist, one of Spark's founders.

Implementation COP26-declaration published

Atradius news

3rd November 2022

The Dutch government today has announced the implementation of the COP26-declaration and shared it with Parliament (Tweede Kamer).

Netherlands insures new airport in the Philippines

Atradius news

24th May 2022

AMSTERDAM, 24 May 2022 – The Dutch Export Credit Agency Atradius DSB has issued an insurance policy covering the land development of the New Manila International Airport (NMIA) in the Philippines.

Thecla Bodewes Shipyards levert schepen aan Vertom UCS

Atradius news

9th May 2022

Domestic cover voor electrisch aangedreven schepen van Thecla Bodewes Shipyards

Netherlands & UAE agree to boost high-value trade

Atradius news

23rd March 2022

DUBAI, 23 March 2022 - Atradius Dutch State Businessthe Dutch export credit agency, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Etihad Credit Insurance, the UAE Federal export credit company

The Netherlands and the UAE

Atradius news

17th March 2022

Economic ties between the Netherlands, the UAE and the rest of the Gulf region are strong. The UAE is one of the largest export destinations for Dutch goods and services in the Gulf region.

ECA cover policy Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia

Atradius news

2nd March 2022

AMSTERDAM, 2 March 2022 - Due to the war in Ukraine, the Dutch government has decided not to issue new covers on Russia and Belarus until further notice.

NX Filtration exports to Indonesia

Atradius news

27th February 2022

NX Filtration exports new water purification technology to Indonesia

Green transaction from Neptune Marine to Canada

Atradius news

3rd February 2022

Over the years, the company has developed enormously and has been family-owned for almost 50 years.

Selecta Holland invests in horticulture in Ethiopia

Atradius news

3rd February 2022

Selecta Holland, from Maasland, was established in December 1986 and is active in the production and propagation of its own improved pot plants and cut flowers.

Atradius DSB is committing to green export finance

Atradius news

30th November 2021

On Wednesday 24 November the Dutch Ministry of Finance hosted the second online conference of E3F.

Atradius DSB at the E3F Summit

Atradius news

23rd November 2021

Atradius DSB participates in international discussion on sustainable export credit

Pasman restores pumping station in Suriname with DGGF

Atradius news

14th October 2021

The company Pasman Motoren en Aggregaten B.V. (Pasman) exists since 1979 and was founded by Mr. Willy Pasman. Meanwhile his son Dolf has taken over the company.

Rainmaker Holland makes water from air

Atradius news

14th October 2021

Rainmaker Holland is a Dutch company based in Rotterdam with 12 employees, most of whom are engineers.

Heerema and their vision on sustainability

Atradius news

11th October 2021

Heerema is a family-owned marine contractor that has been transporting, installing, and removing offshore structures for almost sixty years.

Easier to get a loan with the Green Cover

Atradius news

7th September 2021

A while ago we wrote an article about insuring green investment loans.

Green 2000, exporting rural projects to Ivory Coast

Atradius news

20th October 2020

Green 2000 Ltd. is an Israeli company established in the year 2000. Green 2000 BV is a Dutch subsidiary and the European hub of Green 2000 Ltd.

Corona crisis support package measures

Atradius news

16th December 2021

We support Dutch exporters of capital goods & services and Dutch contractors and engineers operating internationally in this crisis period with a package of special export credit insurance measures.

Philips focussing on healthcare

Atradius news

4th September 2019

Over recent years Philips has been evolving into a digital health and well-being company, transforming into a focused global healthtech leader, offering a broad portfolio of solutions.