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Cruden supplies simulator to BMW

Atradius news

12th June 2023

Cruden was founded in 2005 by 3 people, including Maarten van Donselaar, the current CEO.

Philippine beer brewer builds modern airport.

Atradius news

12th June 2023

In 2022 Atradius DSB issued insurance policies for a number of banks and Boskalis for the largest transaction ever covered by export credit insurance in the Netherlands.

Bollegraaf and their vision of sustainability

Atradius news

5th June 2023

Periodically we ask our customers about their views on sustainability. This time we interviewed Xander Ferdinandusse, CFO at Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, to talk about the company's vision.

Modernized and more sustainable export credits

Atradius news

6th April 2023

The Participants to the Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits have reached a historic agreement to make major changes to the rules for export credits.

Colubris: cabbage residues as a basis for nutrients

Atradius news

9th March 2023

Colubris Cleantech is a Dutch family business, founded in 1984 as Redes Machinebouw & Constructie.

Eltomation uses guarantees for exports to Latvia

Atradius news

9th March 2023

Eltomation is based in Barneveld and has over 20 employees.

Does the energy crisis have a silver lining?

Atradius news

2nd March 2023

Soaring energy prices have put energy security front and centre of government agendas – resulting in large policy initiatives aimed at accelerating the clean energy transition.

Aquatic drones in Moroccan port

Atradius news

2nd February 2023

Aquatic Drones is a young company, founded in 2016 by Maarten Ruyssenaers, with the aim of developing autonomous measurement vessels that are safe, clean and more cost-efficient.

COP26-declaration: exclusions from January first

Atradius news

31st December 2022

AMSTERDAM/THE HAGUE - As of January 1, 2023, the previously announced proposed policy on the fossil value chain for export credit insurance will take effect, without any changes.

Dijkstaal helps build bridges in Guinea

Atradius news

30th November 2022

It has now been more than 7 years since Joris van Dijk, director of the family business Dijkstaal, made the first contacts in Guinea for the development of the project with bridges.