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Atradius Dutch State Business Green Lable taxonomy

With more and more countries announcing climate policies, greening export transactions has become a key element to international trade competitiveness. Atradius Dutch State Business has introduced a number of schemes at the request of the state to make the eci (export credit insurance) more attractive for green transactions. Below is an overview of the measures:

  1.  A broader Dutch content policy for green project finance (pf).This means that we can insure a larger portion of the transaction, giving sponsors and clients an additional incentive to contract Dutch companies. Furthermore, under certain conditions we can offer 95% coverage on green pf transactions instead of the usual 70-90% coverage. Please contact us at Atradius Dutch State Business or our project finance department for more details and a calculation to see which part of your transaction may qualify for these measures.
  2. Relaxed acceptance underwriting criteria for small green transactions up to EUR 5 million. For green transactions assessed as risky under our regular criteria, a pilot has been launched in which the requirements for coverage have been relaxed for both the exporter and the debtor. This facility is intended for export transactions up to EUR 5 million from companies in a green sector such as renewable energy or for export transactions that otherwise contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions. A total of EUR 50 million has been made available for this pilot.  The relaxation can be applied, for example, to the regulatory standards or to allow for a longer repayment period. We use a case-by-case approach and invite you to discuss your specific case with our Business development staff.
  3. Broadening 'export' definition for green transactions. For green transactions, we look at whether a broader definition of export can be applied on a transaction-by-transaction basis. This means that more green transactions may be eligible for eci coverage. This concerns transactions between Dutch companies and domestic buyers, whereby the goods are initially also used in the Netherlands. In the longer term, the export potential of the capital good must be made plausible.

In order to determine whether a transaction meets the criteria to qualify as a green transaction, Atradius DSB has developed a green taxonomy called the 'Green Label'. The green label methodology was set to determine whether a transaction meets the criteria necessary for classification as ‘green’. Labelling green transactions also enables identification of the extent to which the export credit insurance (ECI) portfolio is green (including the Dutch Good Growth Fund, DGGF, and the Dutch Trade and Investment Fund, DTIF). Atradius DSB will measure the proportion of green transactions under the new policies for the first time from 2019, and will report on this annually. 

Download now and read more about the greening of the eci and the Green List in 'The Green Label' brochure 



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