Dutch Good Growth Fund

If your export transaction does not qualify for the facilities offered by our regular export credit insurance programme, it may be eligible for those available under the Dutch Good Growth Fund.

If your export transaction does not qualify for the facilities offered by our regular export credit insurance programme, it may be eligible for those available under the Dutch Good Growth Fund. To learn how this fund works, please read further.






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What is it?

The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) is a fund established by the by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Co-operation. The fund provides financing and credit insurance for enterprises and investment funds in the Netherlands and in low- and middle-income countries in support of their development-related export transactions and investments.

Local Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The fund includes facilities for financing local small and medium-sized enterprises in designated countries. (Please click here for the DGGF country list.) Local investment funds in the eligible countries whose aim is to help develop the SME sector in their country by providing financing may apply to the Triple Jump and PwC consortium which manages these DGGF facilities. Please refer to the DGGF website for further details.

Dutch Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The DGGF also offers facilities for Dutch enterprises which do or aim to do business with eligible countries . The export transactions or investments concerned must be development related.


Are you interested in investing in an eligible country but unable to obtain sufficient financing? The DGGF also offers guarantees and financing facilities (which must be repaid). The Netherlands Enterprise Agency manages these DGGF facilities; for further details please refer to the DGGF website.


Atradius Dutch State Business manages those DGGF facilities which are available specifically for export transactions. Please read further for more information.

Selection Criteria

If your capital goods export transaction does not qualify for the facilities offered by our regular export credit insurance programme, it may be eligible for other export credit insurance and export finance facilities offered by Atradius. The following criteria will apply:

  • The transaction must be for the export of capital goods to or the construction of infrastructure in one of the countries designated by the DGGF. Please click here for the list of eligible countries.
  • The transaction must be development related. Our assessment of this essential aspect of your transaction will include evaluating its contribution to increasing production capacity and creating employment in your client’s country as well as the transfer of knowledge, skills and technology to the local population.
  • The fund is intended primarily for Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and for larger companies which can demonstrate that the export transaction will benefit Dutch SMEs.  
  • The risks inherent in the transaction must be acceptable and total at maximum EUR 15 million.

How does it work and how can I apply?

The Dutch Good Growth Fund covers payment risks up to a maximum of EUR 15 million. It can also cover the risk that your client may make an anfair call on a guarantee. Cover is furthermore available for banks providing pre-shipment or post-shipment financing for your export transaction. The latter will enable you to offer your client deferred payment terms which will allow him to pay for the goods or services in instalments spread over several years. Cover from the DGGF will furthermore free up your credit facilities.

For this cover, our usual terms and conditions will apply in addition to the specific conditions listed above. If we are able to underwrite your transaction you will receive the same documentation as under our regular export credit insurance programme, meaning you will be insured by the Dutch state. The premium will be calculated the same way as for transactions covered under our regular export credit insurance programme.

Direct Financing

If you are unable to obtain bank financing for your export transaction, we can offer financing alternatives. If you are offering your client supplier credit by means of bills of exchange, we can give you an advance of up to EUR 5 million as soon as your client accepts delivery of your goods and/or services and you endorse the bills to us. Please refer to the flyer below on bills of exchange discounting for more details about this type of financing.

Technical Assistance

The DGGF can provide technical assistance for your transaction. Advisors can, for example, assist you with your application or help your client ameliorate the development-related or corporate social responsibility aspects of the transaction.  

Anti-bribery declaration

The Dutch state has ambitions with regards to ‘clean’ trade. It is therefore important that we want to make certain that transactions with eca cover are free of bribery. We will ask you to sign an anti-bribery declaration at the moment that we are going to issue a policy to you. Under the downloads you can read an example of such a declaration.  

Do you have any questions or need advice?

Please call 020 553 26 93 to get in touch with an Atradius Dutch State Business advisor or send an e-mail to info.dsb@atradius.com.




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