Value Maritime helps ships becoming more sustainable

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Value Maritime was founded in 2017 by Maarten Lodewijks and Christiaan Nijst. Lodewijks:

"Christiaan had an idea to use a new technology to make ships' exhaust fumes cleaner. Together we raised the necessary money and built a demo.It turned out to do what we expected. Then we found a ship owner who wanted to put the unit on a ship. He was very enthusiastic and bought the unit and then ordered several more." 





Maarten Lodewijks and Christiaan Nijst





The system developed by Value Maritime is called Filtree, which purifies sulfur, particulates and CO2 from a ship's exhaust. Furthermore, it also takes care of cleaning the wash water removing oil and particulate matter. The system ensures that the PH value of the used wash water is neutralized and, in combination with reduced CO2 emissions, contributes to reducing the acidification of seawater.The system can be supplied in 8 sizes to suit the size of the ship's machinery. The filtered CO2 is used to charge the CO2 Battery; an on-board storage facility that can infinitely charge and discharge the CO2. The charged CO2 Battery is unloaded at ports and transported to CO2 customers. These are mainly greenhouse farms. So from the CO2 captured from ships, roses are literally grown.

There is currently a lot of focus on making ships more sustainable through a different method of propulsion and a different fuel. But there are still a lot of ships that are not sustainable. With the installation of a Filtree, they become a lot more sustainable in one go. The Filtree system has now been installed on several coastal ships and container ships and has been functioning for several years. International attention for the product is growing and the order book is well filled."

Maarten Lodewijks


New types of fuel are currently being developed. One example is green methanol. That consists of green hydrogen and CO2. Even then, a Filtree installation is extremely useful to capture the CO2. This can then be delivered back to the methanol plant.

Savings for ships with a Filtree installation

With the installation of a Filtree system, a ship can save on fuel. They can sail on the (cheaper) sulfur-rich fuel. The sulfur is filtered out of the exhaust gases. In the near future, ships will have to pay taxes on their CO2 emissions. But because the CO2 is captured, this will not be necessary.





Value Maritime





Insured transaction

Value Maritime came to Atradius DSB to insure the manufacturing and credit risk on a Dutch debtor. It concerns the delivery of the largest unit of 10 MW. The system is plug-&-play and will be installed and commissioned by exporter turn-key on the vessel. Because the debtor is based in the Netherlands, but the ship sails in international waters, domestic cover can be used.


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