Pasman restores pumping station in Suriname with DGGF

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The company Pasman Motoren en Aggregaten B.V. (Pasman) exists since 1979 and was founded by Mr. Willy Pasman. Meanwhile his son Dolf has taken over the company.

Pasman is active in sales, maintenance and overhaul of drive lines with diesel and gas engines, but also electric solutions, shipping, agriculture, industry, (semi) public authorities.

Pasman ended up at Atradius DSB following an order from the water board in Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname. It concerns the supply of various parts, inspection and maintenance of the Wakay irrigation pumping station in Northwest Suriname. The pumping station pumps water from the Corantijn River through a 66 km long canal northwards to irrigate rice fields. The pumping station is of great importance for the proper irrigation of the rice fields. For the Water Board of Suriname it is crucial that the work starts as soon as possible to be able to cope with the dry season (August - December) and to secure the rice sowing. The Water Board has a legal obligation to supply water.

Pasman uses credit insurance from Atradius DSB

Due to corona, the schedule had to be adjusted several times. Travel, vaccinations and quarantine days for the employees also had a great impact. However, the work is essential for the pumping station to function, and the pumping station in turn is essential for the rice fields. Without this pumping station, the entire harvest is at risk.

The heart of the pumping station is formed by 4 pump units (once supplied by Stork), each consisting of a diesel engine with gearbox, pump shaft, impeller and volute. Ten years ago these units were also overhauled by Pasman.

This time the work also involves the repair of diesel engines, pumps and gearboxes. For inspection and repair of the pumps, we are working together with Bosman Watermanagement (based in Piershil, the Netherlands). These are large installations spread over two floors in the pumping station. Pumps in the basement and motors plus gearboxes on the first floor.

Meanwhile, the inspection and part of the maintenance has been carried out. But the inspection showed that some major repairs were still needed. For this, the necessary parts had to be ordered and a new schedule made. Soon technicians will again go to Suriname to put part of the drive lines back into operation for the upcoming pumping season that starts in mid-October. They will also be working together with people from Bosman and local personnel.

Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF)

The DGGF scheme that Pasman was able to use for the contract in Suriname offered a nice solution. Because they could now factor in the bills of exchange, the company had access to working capital to purchase the materials needed for the repair work at the pumping station.

Sustainable developments and the future

Ruud te Boekhorst (Technical Sales Manager): "In the agricultural sector, we are involved in projects for the supply and installation of bio-gas-fuelled combined heat and power units for the supply of heat and power. This is part of the installation for manure fermentation, manure separation and mineral separation that also requires heat and energy. This helps to close the circular loop of the company".

For more than 15 years, Pasman has had a focus on more sustainable drives with alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, biogas, methanol and/or combinations with other hybrid drive systems for shipping, industry, governments and agriculture and horticulture.


Pasman uses credit management of Atradius DSB



Pasman export to Suriname using DGGF








Since 2012, the company has had an interest in Deepwater Energy, the company behind the Oryon Watermill, a Dutch innovation that generates renewable energy from slow-flowing water. It offers a very good alternative for generators in hard-to-reach areas, which now use diesel. The price of diesel becomes extra high due to the high cost of transportation to such an area. Therefore, if water is already present in the form of a river, the Oryon Watermill offes a cheaper and more sustainable alternative in the longer term.
In addition, Pasman developed a smart off grid energy system in 2014. Hipersense is a smart energy system that offers off grid solutions for smart generation, consumption and storage.

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