NX Filtration exports to Indonesia

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NX Filtration exports new water purification technology to Indonesia

NX Filtration, founded in January 2016 and based in Enschede, is a fast-growing company. It was  founded by Professor Erik Roesink, who is aloso affiliated with the University of Twente.

NX Filtration started with a small group of people but now employs a 100 people. A large proportion of the staff is involved in production. Next year, NX Filtration wants to open a new production facility in Hengelo, after which production will be massively scaled up. In addition, there are now sales teams in North America and Asia.

The company develops and produces innovative hollow fibre membranes for use in ultra-filtration and nano-filtration. Ultra- and nano-filtration membranes are mainly used for cleaning wastewater for reuse or making surface water suitable for drinking water. These membranes are low-polluting and ensure the removal of micro-pollutants such as hormones, medicines and pesticides that are increasingly present in our surface water. Other applications include colour removal, softening and partial desalination for industrial and process applications.


NX Filtration exports to Indonesia


Johan de Vries, Marketing Manager at NX Filtration: "We distinguish three different filter technologies. These are microfiltration, ultrafiltration and direct nanofiltration. With micro and ultrafiltration, the purification process takes several steps and involves the use of chemicals. Direct nanofiltration is a new technology patented by the company. It is a one-step process that requires very little pressure to get the water through the membranes. Therefore, little energy is needed and, moreover, almost no chemicals have to be used. That makes this method very sustainable."

In short, NX Filtration's membrane products can produce potable water from surface water or waste water in one step. The water to be treated passes through a hollow fibre membrane, from the inside to the outside, where charged coating layers provide the filtration. The good substances are let through and the polluting substances are stopped. The company focuses on three different markets, namely government companies that are mainly involved in drinking water; industry that cleans waste water before it is discharged; and food & beverage companies that purify water before it is used.

NX Filtration came to Atradius DSB in connection with an export deal to Indonesia, to the city of Dumai in western Java. It concerns the supply of 120 membrane modules for nanofiltration for the purification of water from the Masjid river to make it suitable for use as drinking water. The 120 modules will be built into existing purification machines and can produce up to 3 million litres of drinking water per day. The Indonesian buyer is very knowledgeable about water purification and has received training from the exporter. Upon delivery, an extensive manual will follow explaining how to use the systems and how to clean them.


NX Filtration


NX Filtration has made use of the DGGF facility. One of the possibilities offered by the fund is that the bills are discounted by Atradius DSB if the house bank is not prepared to do so. This frees up working capital.

Johan de Vries: "The prospects for the company are very good. Hollow fibre nanofiltration, as manufactured by NX Filtration, is a new product that still has to find its way to the market. There is a lot of interest from all over the world. Fully completed projects and test units have already been installed in various countries and there are many applications in the pipeline. At the moment, we can deliver around 3,000 modules per year. When the new factory is ready, the total could reach 80,000 modules per year."


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