Corona crisis support package measures

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We support Dutch exporters of capital goods & services and Dutch contractors and engineers operating internationally in this crisis period with a package of special export credit insurance measures.

This package has been put together in consultation with entrepreneurs and the Dutch government.

The temporary package that is offered until the end of the year consists of various measures in three different categories.

Extending certain conditions

Enabling coverage on short-term export credits < 2 years
As a result of this corona crisis, it is anticipated that export transactions based on short-term credits will be more difficult to insure in the private market. In order to support Dutch manufacturers of capital goods or services or Dutch contractors and engineers in their transactions with buyers from high-income countries (EU and OECD), there will be opportunities to insure them on a single transaction base. The temporary framework for state aid measures (European Commission) is applicable.

Insuring indirect export transactions
This measure will allow Dutch manufacturers of capital goods or services or Dutch contractors and engineers to increase their revenue generating capacity by securing domestic transactions, as long as there is an (indirect) link to export.

Extending our country policies and country ceilings
By temporarily broadening the country policy and the country ceilings, we give exporters more opportunities to make transactions. However, it is not possible to redefine policies for all countries in the short term. We offer exporters the opportunity to discuss transactions with us at an early stage that do not currently comply with the country policy. We will then consider whether we can provide insurance for these transactions.

Increasing the percentage covered on stand alone counter-guarantees and working capital insurance
Offering a higher percentage of cover on stand alone counter-guarantees and working capital insurance ensures that transactions become financeable or that more liquidity is available to exporters. The temporary framework for state aid measures (European Commission) is applicable.

Removal of the 5% downpayment requirement
Temporarily, we relinquish our requirement that a buyer makes a minimum downpayment of 5% when a transaction takes effect. This downpayment can be made at a later time, but at the latest upon delivery. The requirement remains that a buyer must pay at least 15% from his own resources.

Speed up processes

Fast track approval process
For evidently urgent transactions as a result of the Corona crisis, exporters can make use of a fast track approval process. Through this process, qualifying transactions can be approved quickly. This always requires a signed application form. You can contact your account manager at Atradius Dutch State Business to see whether a transaction qualifies for such treatment. We are also currently investigating ways to speed up the overall approval process.

Additional arrangements Dutch Trade & Investment Fund (DTIF)

Providing working capital under DTIF.
In concrete terms, this means that we can advance drafts under DTIF before delivery to the buyer in order to meet the working capital needs of the Dutch exporter. For this purpose, a number of conditions have to be met, among others the requirement that the bank of the Dutch exporter cannot provide sufficient credit during the execution of the underlying export transaction.


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