Underwriting procedure

You can be assured that we will handle your application professionally and efficiently.

To ensure that we provide the most appropriate cover for your needs, we will consult your bank as part of the underwriting procedure. We will also think creatively with you to determine the best way to structure your transaction or any financing required.




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Your completed application form is your formal request for insurance cover. Prior to your application for cover, we will often have been in contact with you and your bank to discuss the best financing structure for your export transaction. We strongly advise you to involve us in the early stages of your negotiations with your client about your proposed transaction, as there are various ways to structure a transaction. We will gladly help you determine the best structure.

Upon receipt of your application, we will identify the risks inherent in the transaction and the information we will require to assess them. We will always do this in consultation with you and your bank. We will keep you informed of the status of your application. In many cases we will request you to provide information, including financial information, about your company and your client. We will be able to process your application more quickly if you submit all the relevant information available (such as annual reports, credit reports and information on corporate social responsibility) along with your application form.

Promise of Cover and Insurance Policy

If we are able to underwrite the transaction risks, we will issue you a promise of cover. This is a commitment to insure your transaction if and when your contract comes into force. Once your contract comes into force we will issue you an insurance policy.

You can download an application form from our website. Given that we do not examine export contracts, we request you to report the key details of your contract on the application form. This will help us gain good insight into the transaction and its inherent risks.

Application Processing Time and Approval

In many cases we will be able to approve your application ourselves. Larger and more complex transactions must be presented for approval to our Insurance Committee, on which the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs are also represented. We aim to process all applications within four to six weeks. Applications for smaller and straightforward transactions usually take less time to process.


In addition to making a financial assessment of your transaction, we will evaluate its corporate social responsibility aspects. Please click here for more information.

Questions or advise?

If you want to know more about our acceptation process, don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us on +31 20 553 2693 or info.dsb@atradius.com.

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