Publication of A projects

For projects which will have the largest impact on people and the environment (category A) we conduct an extensive environmental and social review.

This includes posting the project on our website prior to and after issuing an insurance policy.

Ex ante publication of category A projects

In accordance with international agreements and Dutch government policy, we post category A projects on our website for at least 30 days prior to issuing an insurance policy for them. Anyone interested in a project we have posted may request the social and environmental impact assessment from the Atradius DSB contact person during this period.  

Ex post publication of category A projects

As part of our commitment to transparency, once we have issued a policy for a category A project, we will make a summary of our appraisal available. You can find it in the list of issued policies.

Reporting category A and B projects to the OECD

National credit insurers in OECD countries are required to report their category A and B projects, which are subject to Common Approaches guidelines, to the OECD. The OECD produces an annual overview of these reports and they are published on the OECD website.

You can contact a CSR advisor of Atradius Dutch State Business via +31 20 553 26 93 or


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