Policies issued by Atradius DSB

We value transparency with regards to the export deals that Atradius insures on behalf of the Dutch state.

Of course, the legitimate interests of the Dutch businesses remain guaranteed.

Export credit insurance on behalf of the Dutch government is a generic instrument driven by demand. In principle all transactions of Dutch companies - and their banks, if relevant - who meet the conditions, will be supported with the products that are offered by Atradius Dutch State Business.

Before a policy is issued several considerations have been made. For all transactions that need insurance we check if the application is in compliance with the applicable conditions, and we carry out reviews on a number of aspects. The aspects that are reviewed are:

  • Financial: We check the creditworthiness of the buyer. We look into the finances of the buyer, such as his balance sheet and profit and loss account. But also payment experiences that we or other parties have. If the buyer is a public authority we check their finances and the possible allocation of budget. Based on our analysis we determine if the buyer will be able to pay for the goods or services that he wants to buy.
  • Economy and politics: We also check the 'area'. Is the buyer's country economically and politically stable? Are there finacial issues, like for instance conversion of local currencies or the transfer possibilities. Are any sanctions applicable?
  • Human and environment: We also check the effects that the transaction will have on the environment. And we look into the handling of human rights of the employees and the people who live at the location of the project. These aspects are analysed based on the 'environmental and social policy document'.

For all the export transactions that we insure on behalf of the Dutch state, we publish several details.

For each insured export transaction those are the following items: name of the exporter, investor or financier, the name and the country of the buyer, a description of the transaction or investment and the outcome of the social and environmental review. These details are published one month after the policy has been issued. If the exporter requests on his application to withhold the pblication because of serious reasons, we can, if the state agrees, deviate from this time limit.

Since the 1st of January 2018 the overviews are available in English. Older overviews (that we publish since the 1st of July 2002) are only available in Dutch. You can request them via info.dsb@atradius.com.


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