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This information about our country cover policy is intended for companies wishing to export capital goods or services. The cover policy which Atradius Dutch State Business maintains for a particular country is in principle valid for every transaction for that country which it is requested to insure.

All amounts are stated in millions of euros. Please read further for an explanation of the country cover policy and premium category denotations.

Our Cover Policy Explained

Our country cover policy applies to all transactions we insure on behalf of the Dutch state. In the table below we indicate the cover policy per country. For each country we have a country ceiling, you can see how much has been used under that ceiling, we indicate if there is a notice of cover situation (da).  Under conditions you can see if the Sustainable Lending Principles & Guidelines are applicable and if DGGF can be used.  

Countries are classified in categories ranging from 0 (lowest risk) to 7 (highest risk). The country category is an important factor when calculating the premium for an insurance policy.


1. Open without restictions

Countries in this category have no significant vulnerabilities. There are no restrictions in the country cover policy.

2. Open with restrictions

Countries in this category have vulnerabilities that give rise to restrictions.

2. Cover by exception

For countries in this category, cover is only possible on an exceptional basis. For example, an exception may be that the pre-credit risk is covered while the credit risk is externalised.

4. Policy is being reviewed

For countries in this category, the country cover policy is being reviewed.  New policy will be published shortly.

5. No policy fixed

No country cover policy has been fixed for countries in this category. In general, these are countries of a relatively small size for which applications for cover are rarely or never received. The options for cover will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Your account mananger can provide you with more information about the options and restrictions in the country cover policy.












American Samoa 5 0
Australia 1 0
Cook Islands 5 0
Fiji 5 5 1000
French Polynesia 5 0
Guam 5 0
Kiribati 5 7 50 IMF/WB restrictions;
Marshall Islands 5 7 50 IMF/WB restrictions;
Micronesia 5 7 50 IMF/WB restrictions;
Nauru 5 6 115
New Caledonia 5 0
New Zealand 1 0
Niue 3 0
Norfolk Island 1 0
Northern Mariana Is. 5 0
Palau 5 6 115
Papua New Guinea 2 6 700 141.1 IMF/WB restrictions;
Pitcairn 3 0
Samoa 5 7 50 IMF/WB restrictions;
Solomon Islands 5 6 115 IMF/WB restrictions;
Tokelau 1 0
Tonga 3 7 50 IMF/WB restrictions;
Tuvalu 5 7 50 IMF/WB restrictions;
Vanuatu 5 7 50 IMF/WB restrictions;
Wallis & Futuna Islands 5 0















Country Ceiling (Limit)

Our country cover limit indicates the amount of risk we are in principal prepared to insure. There are no ceilings for countries with category 0-3, provided that these countries have an investment grade rating with all rating agencies (Fitch, S&P and Moody’s).  All other countries do have ceilings. For countries with the indication ‘cover by exception only’ we do calculate a ceiling, but we don’t publish it. If you want to discuss the possibilities, please contact your account manager.

Notice of Cover (NC)

If there is insufficient capacity under a particular country limit to book a transaction, we may issue a notice of cover. The early warning limit is 75% of the country limit. If a transaction exceeds an early warning limit, a promise of cover or policy can be issued. After that we enter into a notice of cover situation. A notice of cover does not represent a commitment to insure a transaction. It represents solely an underwriting assessment of a transaction. If there is sufficient capacity under the country limit at a later date, we will reassesse the transaction according to the prevailing criteria to determine whether we can then issue an insurance policy. Hereby applies that the capacity between the early warning limit and the country limit may be used to convert a notice of cover into a policy. The Notice of cover period is automatically terminated when the exposure of all policies, promises of cover and notices of cover becomes lower than the early warning limit.

Signing clause

In some cases Atradius Dutch State Business may issue a promise of cover which includes a clause stipulating that the exporter must not sign his export contract before obtaining written approval from us. In other cases Atradius Dutch State Business may issue a promise of cover which includes a clause stipulating that the exporter, whose signed contract has not yet entered into force because he must still fulfil a specific condition precedent, may not fulfil this condition precedent until he has obtained written approval from us to do so. 

Sustainable Lending Principles and Guidelines are applicable

The Netherlands endorse the IMF/World Bank principles concerning debt sustainability in developing countries. These principles mean that public entity buyers in particular countries may borrow funds only if they (the buyers) meet good governance requirements and only for transactions which meet minimum applicable concessionality requirements. In the ‘Conditions’ column you can see for which countries IMF/WB principles are  applicable. Your account manager can indicate under which conditions public entity buyers from the relevant country may borrow.


This means cover is available from the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF). Please click for more information.

Risk map

Under downloads you will find the most recent Atradius risk map. This map gives an indication of the different country risks. You can check the actual country risk in the overview on this web page or you can contact us (+31 (0)20 553 26 93).

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