About our company

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Atradius Dutch State Business office in Amsterdam





Our Company History

Atradius Dutch State Business NV is part of the Atradius Group, whose head office is located in Amsterdam. The NCM, Atradius’s predecessor, started insuring credit as long ago as 1925. Atradius Dutch State Business is the official credit insurance agency of the Netherlands. We have fulfilled this role since 1932. On behalf of and for account of the Dutch state, we cover financial risks related to export transactions and investments in enterprises abroad.

Our Mission

Helping Dutch enterprises do business abroad is the reason why we exist. Our mission is to add value to the Dutch economy by enabling Dutch enterprises to offer their export products and services on the most competitive terms and conditions.

We do this by providing insurance and guarantees which protect the balance sheets of Dutch enterprises and enable them to obtain financing for their export transactions and foreign direct investments.

The relationship between Atradius and the Dutch state

Atradius Dutch State Business NV, a full subsidiary of the Atradius Group, manages the Netherlands' official export credit facility on behalf of the Dutch State. The agreements with the Dutch state pertaining to the facility date from 1932. Under downloads you can read the letter about this relationship.

Our Staff and Management

We have dozens of experts who can assist you in securing your export order and optimally structuring any financing which may be required. Depending on the size of your company and your export market, you may be assigned a specialist who will handle your application. We also have a claims and recoveries team which will provide assistance in the unfortunate event your client fails to pay you.

Our management team consists of our general manager, Bert Bruning, and the heads of our various teams of advisors and support staff.