Economische update augustus 2023

Economisch update

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30 aug 2023

Global economy

In de augustus 2023 editie van de Economic Update geven onze economen een uitgebreide analyse over de huidige toestand van de wereldeconomie.

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    Clean Energy Transition: ICT

    Market Monitor

    • België,
    • Canada,
    • Electronica/ICT

    27 jul 2023

    Is the ICT industry adding to, or reducing global warming?

    Italian doom loop risk improved

    Economisch Onderzoek

    • Italië
    • Algemene economie

    19 jul 2023

    The risk of a doom loop between banks in Italy and the government has decreased

    Regional Economic Outlook Latin America - July 2023

    Economisch Onderzoek

    • Argentinië,
    • Brazilië,
    • Algemene economie

    18 jul 2023

    Latin America's resilience is demonstrated by the stronger macroeconomic policy frameworks, improved banking supervision, and higher official reserves.

    Economic Outlook - July 2023

    Economisch onderzoek

    • ,
    • ,
    • Algemene economie

    04 jul 2023

    The global economy is moving away from a stagflation scenario into a scenario with low, but positive growth in 2023 and 2024

    Clean Energy Transition: Agri-food

    Market Monitor

    • ,
    • ,
    • Landbouw,
    • Voeding

    29 jun 2023

    Balancing sustainability and efficiency in the agri-food industry

    Global Pharmaceuticals Industry Outlook 2023

    Market Monitor

    • België,
    • China,
    • Chemie/Farmacie

    22 jun 2023

    Atradius sector experts share their insights on the key issues affecting pharma industry growth throughout the world

    Net zero in the power sector

    Economisch Onderzoek

    • China,
    • Verenigde Staten,
    • Algemene economie

    08 jun 2023

    The electricity sector is one of the heaviest CO2 emitting sectors. Achieving net zero emissions in 2050 is going to be a daunting task, as it requires a total makeover

    Clean Energy Transition: Transport

    Market Monitor

    • Nederland,
    • ,
    • Automotive/Transport

    17 mei 2023

    Is the global transport industry on a highway to climate hell?

    Turkey battles high inflation ahead of elections

    Economisch Onderzoek

    • Turkije
    • Algemene economie

    10 mei 2023

    Regardless of the election result, the next Turkish government faces a complicated set of macroeconomic problems

    Clean Energy Transition: Steel

    Market Monitor

    • Nederland,
    • ,
    • Staal

    05 mei 2023

    Is the steel industry on track to meet the world's climate goals?