B2B payment practices trends, Spain 2024

Payment Practices Barometer

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Customer credit risk volatility stems from Spain's challenging economic climate.

Key takeaways from the report for Spain  

The 2024 Payment Practices Barometer survey for Spain was conducted between the end of Q1 and the beginning of Q2 2024. The findings should therefore be viewed with this in mind.

Customer credit risk landscape affected by persistent economic headwinds

  • The use of trade credit plays a crucial role in the B2B sales strategy of companies in Spain according to our survey. An average 67% of all B2B sales are currently being transacted
    on credit, while four out of five businesses tell us they offer trade credit to their B2B customers.
  • Companies in the Spanish chemicals industry offer trade credit to the highest degree. 74% of B2B sales are being made on credit, the main reason being to maintain a competitive
    advantage. There is a similar motivation in the construction sector, while a desire to stimulate sales and generate revenue is the primary factor among agri-food businesses.

Inflation pressures and tight finance access primary concerns of businesses

  • The state of the domestic economy is prompting both short-term and long-term concern for Spanish companies in our survey. They report that food inflation and tight financial 
    conditions pose challenges, along with persistently low consumer confidence.
  • Other short-term worries across all sectors include ongoing supply chain disruptions, insufficient production capacity and inefficient or outdated processes. The chemicals industry in Spain is particularly anxious about weak sales efforts due to intense competition.

The Atradius Payment Practices Barometer is an annual survey of business-to-business (B2B) payment practices in markets across the world. Its findings can give valuable insights into the current dynamics of corporate payment behaviour in B2B trade. It can also help companies doing business, or planning to do so, in the markets polled to identify emerging future trends in the payment practices of B2B customers. 

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For a complete overview of the 2024 survey results for Spain and Western Europe, please download the full reports available in the related documents section below. 

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