ECA cover policy Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia

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AMSTERDAM, 2 March 2022 - Due to the war in Ukraine, the Dutch government has decided not to issue new covers on Russia and Belarus until further notice.

This concerns all products including insurance policies and guarantees provided by Atradius Dutch State Business on behalf of the Dutch State. All current and future submissions for these two countries will not be assessed until further notice.


The country policy for Ukraine is currently under review. Meaning that formally all new submissions will not be processed until a new country policy has been established. We understand that this decision will have consequences for local entrepreneurs and consumers. Our support goes out in particular to the Ukrainian people who have to endure unnecessary violence and fear and who should get all the possible support.

Impact portfolio

Our risk and country experts have analysed in detail which part of our portfolio is currently linked to Russian entities. When necessary, we are in close contact with Dutch exporters who do business with the aforementioned countries. Should you have any additional doubts or questions, please contact your account manager or use the general contact information.


You can find our cover policy for all countries here.

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