Green transaction from Neptune Marine to Canada

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Over the years, the company has developed enormously and has been family-owned for almost 50 years.

Neptune Marine is a family-owned company that was founded in 1972. At the time, as a shipbuilder of luxury yachts. This activity was soon expanded to include the production of workboats, pontoons and other equipment. Over the years, Neptune has built up significant expertise and quality level in this field and still works to this day to the highest quality standards.

Martijn Schouten, responsible for customer finance: "About 100 employees work at Neptune Marine. The focus is on new construction, renovation, repair, rental, and maritime trade-in equipment. The scope of these maritime services is constantly expanding. In addition, we are a shipbuilder with our new building and repair facilities." Job Verkleij, responsible for engineering and sales, adds: The combination of newbuilding, chartering and trading makes us a unique player in the maritime cluster." Schouten: "Incidentally, yacht building is still part of the group. In Aalst, Elling Yachting is established as a builder of luxury sturdy motor yachts."


Neptune Marine naar Canada


Neptune Marine serves several markets, including infrastructure works, dredging, transport, geotechnics, cable laying, and tidal power stations. Schouten: "Neptune has built up an impressive fleet of floating equipment consisting of jack-ups, (modular) pontoons, workboats, but also deck equipment and carousels. Entrepreneurial as the company is, we continue to develop: customers share their new challenge, and together we define what equipment is needed. Then, if new equipment is needed, we invest in it."

Neptune Marine has customers worldwide, and as mentioned, these are often long-standing relationships. Brand awareness continues to grow, and many parties stay in touch. In addition, Neptune Marine works intensively with brokers and agents. For example, a multipurpose Euro carrier was recently delivered to a Canadian customer. Verkleij: "We came into contact with an entrepreneur in Canada who was going to build tidal installations and was looking for a workboat specifically for that purpose. The ship would also have to be used for the maintenance of the installation that contributes to clean energy supplies. The vessel has since been delivered and is functioning satisfying."


Neptune Marine Atradius DSB


Because the ship is delivered to construct a tidal installation, it is a so-called dark green transaction. This also brought some benefits for Neptune Marine, such as a premium discount. Schouten: "As a company, we are always looking for opportunities to realize a transaction. In this category of green projects, where you are dealing with start-ups, the products always have to be customized. Given the start-up phase the customer is in, it is more difficult to attract financiers and investors, and a party like Atradius DSB can facilitate this. A premium discount helps the business case, and with this, we ultimately also make the world a little greener." Neptune Marine sees many possibilities for the future with considerable opportunities in greening. For example, they were one of the first shipbuilders to build a ship powered by LNG. Schouten: "We are always looking for green improvements, and we want to think along with our customers to make their business case feasible. Currently, we are building a ship powered by hydrogen, and we have the order from a French company to make the largest cargo sailing ship ever, the Canopée. "Technology combined with natural elements will bring us a better world."


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