CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The Dutch government intends to stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship. Here you can read everything about CSR at Atradius Dutch State Business.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) of companies and organizations has been an important topic for several years. Governments, markets, companies and civil society organizations are progressively recognizing the importance of inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurship for fast and widespread socio-economic improvement.  For this to happen, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics and communities need to cooperate in the systematic design of empowering environments for entrepreneurship which combine economic considerations with environmental, social and governance matters.










CSR and transparancy in credit insurance









The Dutch government stimulates sustainable entrepreneurship. There are international and national regulations directly and indirectly influencing corporate social responsibility. In order to determine whether your application complies with these regulations. Atradius Dutch State Business experts will assess not only the financial risk you will be running on your buyer, but also the environmental and social impacts of the project for which your goods and/or services are destined.

The Dutch government wants companies to operate responsibly both in the Netherlands and abroad. We therefore encourage you to observe the OECD guidelines’ recommendations to the fullest extent possible. These guidelines contain recommendations for multinational enterprises addressed by the governments.

Environmental and social issues play a growing role in our society. Therefore Atradius DSB, on behalf of the Dutch State, will insure export transactions and investments abroad only if we are of the opinion that they have no unacceptable environmental or social impacts. They may furthermore not be associated in any way with issues such as bribery or abuses of human rights. 

CSR policy and international standards

Atradius DSB supports the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, working conditions, environment and anti-corruption, and the Atradius Group reports annually on progress in these areas to the UN Global Compact1

Atradius DSB describes in the policy statement CSR her mission and vision as well as its approach to corporate social responsibility. The policy statement on human rights sets out the business approach of Atradius DSB and the choices she has made regarding human rights. Read more about our CSR policy here.

In the Exclusion list ECI, available below, you can find which activities are excluded from insurance by Atradius DSB. As per January 1st 2023 there are new limitations in place for fossil fuel-related transactions resulting from the implementation of the COP26-declaration.

Animal welfare in the environmental and social assessment

Animal welfare is an integral part of the assessment of an application under the EKV and is based on various international guidelines for animal welfare. The policy statement on animal welfare sets out the business approach of Atradius DSB and the choices she has made regarding animal welfare. Read more about our animal welfare policy here.


Atradius DSB values corporate social responsibility, environmental management transparency and wishes to communicate openly with her stakeholders. The information disclosure policy shows you which information is made available when and how. The policy also describes which information is publicly available and which information cannot be shared because of a confidential nature. Atradius DSB therefore needs to safeguard a proper balance between, on the one hand, acting as transparently as possible and, on the other, making sure not to damage the confidence of exporters, banks and buyers. Under downloads you find the Information Disclosure Policy.

Do you have questions or need advise about CSR?

Contact an advisor of Atradius Dutch State Business via telephone number + 31 20 553 26 93 or send a mail to: info.dsb@atradius.com.


Environmental and social policy document

We have recently updated our environmental and social policy document. At the moment, only the Dutch version of the document is available. The English version will soon be available again in this page. 

Download here the Dutch version of our E&S policy

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